RSL ACT Branch
RSL ACT Branch

Contingent Briefing Information

ANZAC Day 2017

Anzac Day Returned and Services League March

Location: Anzac Parade
Arrive by: 0930 hrs
Contingent in position: 1000hrs
March Time: 1058hrs step off
Please be aware that there will be significant changes to the site this year. To open the vista at the National Ceremony and better accommodate the growing number of older and frailer veterans, the previous grandstand seating blocks will be replaced with ground level chairs. In addition, the large viewing  screen that previously has faced down Anzac Parade will now be positioned on the eastern side of the grounds to provide better viewing for visitors in this area. Contingents are requested to fall out as directed by AWM staff and proceed to their seating to avoid crowding – as without the stands - all  will be in plain sight of everyone watching the ceremony.


·         To ensure that the march commentator has the most up to date information prior to the commencement of the march it is important that your contingent arrives on time.
·         Form up on Anzac Parade – please note the 2017 Order of March.
·         To assist with commentary - an RSL marshal  will walk the length of the holding area on Anzac  Parade to check all contingents are present.

March Process

·         During the march, please follow the instructions given to you by AWM event staff. They will be wearing high-visibility vests.
·         AWM event staff will advise where to secure contingent banners and flags on the day.·         Those participants not wishing to stay for the National Ceremony -  may depart through the open point in the barricades. Please head directly to the fence line before proceeding towards the open point so that you are not crossing through the march area.
·         Please note that water will be made available to you on your way to your seat.

Thank you for your cooperation as it will help for a successful day.