RSL ACT Branch
RSL ACT Branch

ANZAC DAY National Ceremony

Veterans’ March

Contingent Registration

Please complete the following form and click submit button below by 3 April 2019 to register your contingent’s place in the National ANZAC Day March, 2019.
This information is important as it ensures your contingent receives accurate mention by media commentators.

Official name of the contingent.
How Many are Marching in Contingent? (Approx)
Brief History for your contingent (100 words)
Summary of Honours, Awards, Special Banners, or Matters of Interest used as additional background in broadcasts.
How many of your contingent need wheelchair assistance?
How many of your contingent need Vehicle Support?
Seating *
Please indicate the contingent's seating needs after it has participated in the march.
Name and title of the contingent's point of contact for the march.
The best postal address for the contact person.
Best telephone number of the contact person.
Best mobile number for the contact person.